Sunday, February 5, 2017

This Week In Music 2/5/17

Welcome all to the second edition of this week in music!


Marian Hill has gained streams after being featured in a commercial for Apple AirPods. Their song Down was playing on the commercial. It is currently the number 8 downloaded song on iTunes. It's nice to see music in the electronic genre getting noticed.

Maroon 5 has found its way to the top of the at40 with Kendrick Lamar and Don't Wanna Know. Maroon 5 is not showing any signs of slowing down it's music, going to a more mainstream sound. I wonder if a new album is expected anytime soon.

Bad and Boujee and Shape Of You refuse to let go holding on to the 1 and 2 spots, respectively, on the billboard hot 100. Luke Bryan - Fast is the highest entrant at #81.

Album releases-

Big Sean dropped I Decided on Friday, a long awaited follow up to his 2015 album, Dark Sky Paradise. It has features like Jhene Aiko, Migos, and Eminem. In broadway news, the soundtrack for Dear Evan Hansen was also released.

Song releases-

Imagine Dragons are back with their new song Believer. Rising country star Sam Hunt also came back with Body Like A Back Road. Yet another comeback from Zac Brown Band releasing My Old Man. Ariana Grande and John Legend collaborated for the lead song off of Beauty and the Beast, titled the movie.

From The Author- 

What do you guys think is gonna happen on the super bowl? Is Lady Gaga really gonna perform on the roof? She has brought it before, and it should be no different for the super bowl. 

I am a huge Big Sean fan and have been listening to his album nonstop since it came out. My personal favorite song on the album is Moves. What about the rest of you?

That's all for this week folks!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

For The Viewers

So yesterday was the first edition of This Week In Music. I want you all to tell me if you like it and if I should make it a weekly thing. Comment thoughts below!!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

This Week In Music: 1/28/17

Hello everyone and welcome to this week in music!


Julia Michales is gaining ground with her debut single, Issues. The very influential songwriter has worked with everyone from Demi Lovato to Fifth Harmony, and she finally decided to test her vocals in a song that's gotten mixed reviews.

Ariana Scored a #1 with Side to Sidd ft. Nicki Minaj on the at40 this week. Let's see how long it can hold.

On the billboard side of things, Atlanta rap trio Migos scored there first number one With Bad and Boujee ft. Lil Uzi Vert. As someone who has followed Migos since 2014, this has been a very long journey for them and they finally hit the top spot. Ed Sheeran, however, fell out of the top spot. Shape Of You almost instantly became a hit, and it was overtaken by Migos this week.

In terms of ITunes, Zayn/Taylor Swift - I Dont Wanna Live Forever is now at the top of the charts.
Album Releases-

Obviously the biggest release of the week was Culture from Migos. Currently number one on iTunes. We also had Train releasing a girl a bottle a boat. The rising Kehlani came out with SweetSexySavage. Kenny Chesney released his new album, The Devil Don't Sleep.

Song releases-

Major Lazer had the headliner of song releases, with Run Up ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR and Nicki Minaj. The other notable release was Martin Garrix/Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely.

From the author-

So I fell in love with Sage The Gemini - Now and Later this week. It's weirdly amazing, and it's a candy song, who doesn't love candy? Sage is very clever with his lyrics and has a nice voice for rapping. It also has a nice meaning, which it's pretty much a love song. Probably my number one listen for this week.

I know he gets a lot of hate, but Lil Yachty is different. He has a different style of rap that he brings. It's a lot more upbeat and his voice is unlike anything we've heard before. It's almost like Eminem in how different it is.

Well that wraps up the first edition of this week in music. Comment if you have any suggestions!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ethan Presents The 2016 Mossies Day 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Mossies! Yesterday, we had the minor awards that were really more for fun than anything else to be honest LOL. Today will not be any awards, instead day 2 will consist of my personal awards. There will only be my bottom 5 of the year and my top 10 of the year. Keep in mind that this is 100% MY OPINION, these are songs I have hated or loved all year long, so much that they deserved a spot on my top or bottom songs of the year. I will give my opinion on each of the songs. Without further ado, let's dive on in!

Bottom 5...

5. Little Mix - Shout Out To My Ex

So as I understand, this is a song that might be supposed to sound like a joke. Well they did a hell of a job, because this song might as well file under the "joke pop" category with Rebecca Black - Friday. An absolute train wreck in my opinion.

4. Adele - When We Were Young

Man, this song is boring. This song is really boring. This song makes me sleepy. But somehow, someway, it made it onto all of the top charts. There isn't anything to this song, it's just bad overall.

3. Bruno Mars - 24K Magic

So the song opens with what I gotta say is a pretty cool opening. Then in comes Bruno Mars with some of his annoying talk, and the beat comes and it honestly sucks. He was probably going for an Uptown Funk part 2, but all he really did was take everything I didn't like out of Uptown Funk and made a song out of it.

2. Ruth B. - Lost Boy

As I discussed above with When We Were Young, I don't think boring songs should be on the radio. If When We Were Young made me super bored, this one took me in, around, and behind the scenes of bored. She doesn't do anything special with her voice, and it isn't even al that impressive when she sings. This is as basic as basic gets.

1. Kiiara - Gold

As I mentioned on day 1, I would get to this song more today. Well here we go, and just a warning, this won't be pretty. I HATE THIS SONG. I JUST HATE IT. I'm not sure who the fuck had the idea to make it, but I sure as hell wanna talk about it. I hate everything about this song. I hate it's stupid cliche lyrics I hate it's boring ass beat I hate her fucking terrible voice and more than anything I hate the dumbass annoying chippity choppity parts that are supposed to resemble a hook. It's so bad that I almost stopped playing NBA 2K17 because it was on the soundtrack. It's the dumbest song. It the dumbest song. I would pull a Bart Simpson and just write that on a chalkboard 100 times.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the good.

Top 10!

10. TIE: Drake - Summer Sixteen and Drake/Future - Jumpman

Kicking off this list... I couldn't decide. These two Drake songs are both really good, and in the end, I just picked both. Summer Sixteen was weird the first time I heard it, then I grew into both of the infectious beats within the song. Jumpman has an enveloping beat that pulls you on for 3 and a half minutes, and both Drake and Future do great in it.

9. Mike Posner/SeeB - I Took A Pill In Ibiza

I didn't really ever get tired of this song. I love it until the bitter end, and wish it was still around. I said what I needed to on day 1.

8. Chance The Rapper/2 Chains/Lil Wayne - No Problem

Chance The Rapper enjoyed a breakout year, most notably with many non rap fans with Tinashe and Snakehips for All My Friends. He doesn't release any music under a label and he realeases everything for free. He sends a great message, and it comes especially in No Problem. This song is a true work of art, and everyone in it does a great job.

7. Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out

My first listen to this song was "huh." My second listen was "ok." Then I just started jamming. I has such a dark infectious tune that is instantly catchy. The humorous bridge is also plain genius, just like most of the songs that this duo has put out

6. J. Cole. - No Role Modelz

I know, I know. I'm such a rap lover. But J. Cole is truly something else. Why do you think he has so many songs in the top 10 of the Spotify charts as soon as his "4 Your Eyez Only" album debuted? Anyways, back to the song. A very real and tell it like it is song that has me still jamming to it. From lines like "fool me three times, fuck the peace signs," and "I don't want no bitch from reality shows," J. Cole is a truly brilliant artist who doesn't get enough recognition.

Ok everyone, top 5 time. I would like to say any of these could have been number one, with every song beating out one another by a very very slim margin.

5. Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime

Oh man what a return this was for Coldplay. This song truly hit all the right notes. It is instantly stuck in your head from the infectious guitar riff, and then everything else comes in and the song turns into a masterpiece. I always hated my dad for hating on this song, because he was so wrong in my book. Then in comes Chris Martin and his always great vocals, with the angelic lyrics floating around the majestic beat.

4. DJ Snake/Bipolar Sunshine - Middle

I mentioned that I Took A Pill In Ibiza would never get tired for me, but if there was one song that almost was even more amazing each time I heard it, it's the beautiful Middle. I will admit, Bipolar Sunshine isn't an amazing singer, but I find his weird yet calming voice fits perfect in with the calming beat before the amazingly energetic drop. It hits everything, from drop to lead to build to verse. Definitely one of the best of the year.

And now an even slimmer margin for the top 3...

3. Zara Larsson/MNEK - Never Forget You

This song is often forgettable, but in my book, hence the name, I will never forget it. Both voices in this song sound amazing and even more importantly they sound amazing together. The drop is the second best of the year only to the song listed above. They reason this song beats out Middle is the vocals, which as I mentioned aren't great in Middle. The final build might be the best of the year, and I truly love this song.



Justin Bieber - Sorry

Coming in at number 2 is the best Justin Bieber song of his entire career. It is the emotional, incredible, spectacular Sorry. This is Bieber at his best, when he sings from the heart and not about stupid stuff (*coughs* Boyfriend), this has everything a song needs. From mysterious yet heart warming beats and honest, to the heart lyrics, from the overall sincere vibe of the entire song to the beautiful soothing voice of Justin Bieber himself, this is the makings of a true hit song. The one and only reason this got edged out by our number one was the dumbass music video. That was pretty horrible to watch. Still, absolutely 2nd best song of the year.

And now...

The one...

The only...



 The Chainsmokers/Halsey - Closer

So what can I say about this. It was amazing from the moment I heard it, and I can't even say the same thing about my favorite song from last year, Major Lazer/DJ Snake/MØ - Lean On. Everything about this song is so incredible. How about Andrew Taggart? I think this is the first DJ who can sing good (sorry Calvin Harris), and breakout star Halsey provides some spectacular vocals that brings tons of emotion into the song. It's the perfect blend of humorous, dark, sad, and emotional. For all of these reasons, this song deserves to be the top spot in my head. It's been to good to pass up on.

See everyone tomorrow!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Ethan Presents The 2016 Mossies Day 1

HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE MOST SPECTACULAR AWARDS SHOW THAT WAS MADE ON THIS DAY!!!! Lol no but seriously this is the first ever Mossies and I am super excited to present this to all of you because I have been working very hard on it. This is day one of this awards show and it will be the minor awards, and you know me, I like keeping things short so without further ado, let's jump right in to the award for...

Feel Good Song Of The Year:
Winner: Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling

So our first award goes to the song that happened to put everyone in a good mood when it came on the radio, and that was absolutely the case with Justin Timberlakes infectious tune. The lyrics, the beat, the video and the whole vibe all scream, "feel good!!!." So this award was definitely made for this song right here.

Runner up: The Chainsmokers/Halsey - Closer

Also a very good song with a very good vibe that puts you in a very good mood!

Emotional Somg Of The Year:
Winner: Adele - Hello

The emotional song of the year goes to the song that was very very... emotional. In this year, we had some songs to chose from, but in the end, it wasn't even close. Adeles' spine tingling return from motherhood grabbed the hearts of every person out there with a thrilling song. When it comes to emotional, this song stands above the rest.

Runner up: Gnash/ Olivia O 'Brien - I Hate U, I Love U

Another very chilling song, just not as much, but still very emotional.

Underrrated Song Of The Year:
Winner: Justin Bieber - Company

Now this song did get recognition, and it was popular a little bit. The real reason it won the award for most underrated song of the year is because of what it didn't do. I expected it to blow up like all the other Bieber songs this year, and Justin could pull in even more recognition for his amazing year (hint hint), but that never happened. It was a very good song, it just never reached its full potential.

Runner up: Chance The Rapper/2 Chains/Lil Wayne - No Problem

I love Chance The Rapper and everything he stands for. No Problem was a true work of art that was aplenty popular but never hit any of the charts.

Overrated Song Of The Year:
Winner: Kiiara - Gold

How the hell did this song even get to where it is? I just can't stand it. There isn't anything good about it. (More of this song on day 2, I will give the full rundown)

Runner up: Calvin Harris/Rihanna - This Is What You Came For

Let's get something straight - I don't hate this song. I don't dislike this song. Really, I enjoyed it for a bit. That doesn't mean that this song got an unbelievable run for something that is far from Calvins best work.

Remix Of The Year:
Winner: Mike Posner/SeeB - I Took A Pill In Ibiza

This could've been up there with emotional song of the year with just the original. Then in came SeeB. Boy, did they burst in, and they turned this song into a magnificent dance track. I didn't get tired of this song for a really long while. The infectious beat and chilling, yet humorous lyrics mix perfectly together.

Runner up: Coldplay/Beyoncé/SeeB - Hymn For The Weekend

Well what a year for the duo known as SeeB!

Sexy Song Of The Year:
Winner: Demi Lovato - Body Say

The sexy song of the year goes to the song with the most sexual feeling to it. There were other options, Nick Jonas/Tove Lo - Close, Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj - Side To Side and Ariana Grande - Into You (damn Grande wow), but Demi wins this one. Her complete desire in this almost uncomfortable song is nothing anyone to compete with, and she takes this category.

Runner up: Nick Jonas/Tove Lo - Close

Previously mentioned above, another very intensely sexual song.

Overplayed Song Of The Year:
Winner: Adele - Hello

This already won emotional song of the year, and for good reason. This also wins the award for overplayed song of the year, and for good reason. This song was spammed constantly on the radio from the moment it came out.

Runner up: Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling

Another case of song spamming

The Bobby Shmurda One Hit Wonder Artist Of The Year:
Winner: Kent Jones

Let's keep it simple for this one. Kent Jones will not have another hit, and that's why have won this award by an effin' landslide. Don't Mind was a very catchy beat to listen to, but that success is not gonna be repeated.

Runner up: Desiigner

He is already picking up steam with Tiimmy Turner, but the success of Panda won't repeat either.

Collaboration Of The Year:
Winner: DJ Snake and Justin Bieber

When I first saw that these two artists made a song together, I was very intrigued. When I listened to it, I was very impressed. There wasn't a lot of amazing collaborations this year, but this was definitely one of them.

Runner up: G-Eazy and Bebe Rehxa

This one isn't so much the artists, but the success they got together.

Breakout Artist Of The Year:
Winner: The Chainsmokers

These guys have had one hell of a year, and with three hits to their name already, these two men have quite a future. I'm not sure we have seen a breakout year like this, and these guys made the most of it, and I can't wait to see what's to come with The Chainsmokers.

Runner up: Alessia Cara

Definitely should be included as she also had three hits this year, just not quite as popular.

So that is a wrap for day one of The Mossies. Hope to see all of you tomorrow!!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

New song opinions March 2016

Now I will give a short review for each song

Zara Larsson/MNEK-Never Forget You (rating: 10 out of 10)
Notes: the drop is the best part of the song but the rest is soooo gooood. Favorite song right now!

Ruth B-Lost Boy (rating: 1.5 out of 10)
Notes: boring yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Seriously, nothing about this song is good.

J. Cole-No Role Modelz (rating: 9.5 out of 10)
Notes: Adrian, looking for some good, real rap? This guy is for you

Gwen Stefani-Make Me Like You (rating: 8 out of 10)
Notes: never find of her voice but certainly puts out catchy music

Alessia Cara-Wild Things (rating: 4.5 out of 10)
Notes: seriously sounds very childish, great voice keeps me from hating it

Meghan Trainor-No (rating: 3 out of 10)
Notes: just doesn't appeal to me for whatever reason 

Troye Sivan-Youth (rating: 8 out of 10)
Notes: didn't appeal at first but definitely grew on me

Ariana Grande-Dangerous Woman (rating: 9 out of 10)
Notes: sounds great and love the dark feel of it

Taylor Swift-New Romantics (rating: 8.5 out of 10)
Notes: good song, all I can say

Fetty Wap-Jimmy Choo (rating: 1 out of 10)
Notes: No

DJ Snake/Bipolar Sunshine-Middle (rating: 9 out of 10)
Notes: so Bipolar Sunshine... Can't sing, but this song hits all the right notes in every other area

Justin Bieber-Company (rating: 9 out of 10)
Notes: love his new vibe so much!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekend top 30 songs: what you missed!

Week 43: Fall Out Boy/Demi Lovato-Irresistable (1)
Week 44: Coldplay-Adventure Of A Lifetime (1)
Week 45: Coldplay-Adventure Of A Lifetime (2)
Week 46: Justin Bieber-Sorry (3)
Week 47: Justin Bieber-Sorry (4)
Week 48: Justin Bieber-Sorry (5)
Week 49: Twenty One Pilots-Stressed Out (1)
Week 50: Twenty One Pilots-Stressed Out (2)
Week 51: Justin Bieber-Love Yourself (1)
Week 52: Twenty One Pilots-Stressed Out (3)
Week 53: Flo Rida-My House (1)